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Thumb Reading Assistant

Thumb Reading Assistant

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Take Your Reading Comfortability To The Next Level

Comfortability is something that plays an immense role while we try to enjoy our time reading the books that are special to us. This reading assistant has been designed to promote longer reading times & increase multi-tasking functions during your favorite past-time. 

Pain-Free Design: Designed to fit your thumb perfectly to maximize comfortability during longer reading sessions, and the best part aids in removing any unwanted finger cramping!

Multi-Tasking & Easy Reading: Implement effortless multi-tasking while reading without your book closing on your hand, such as sipping on your morning coffee or drinking a piña colada on the beach during vacation.

Lightweight & Portable: The reading assistant is designed to be lightweight on your finger and fits perfectly in pockets or purses if you are on the go.

Durability: Made from premium wood, the reading assistant is not easily breakable and will last you a lifetime full of comfortable book reading.

Perfect Gift: The reading assistant is the perfect gift to buy your friends or loved ones that are avid readers, or someone who just wants to pick up the occasional book in their spare time.



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